Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Etch Success

I am slowly getting there with my etching.
Even feeling a little confident enough to perhaps try my hand at etching some silver ... in a very small amount.

Below is a pair of earrings I had started when I last blogged about etching:

♥ SOLD ♥

They sold as soon as I'd listed them! They're on their way to a Lovely Lady in Malaysia. My first time shipping to that country too.

Below is another pair that I've finished and listed. I used some of the Vintaj Patina Inks on them and they turned out great - or at least I think so lol

♥ SOLD ♥

I have a couple of other pairs I am working on. And I've also got 2 other sets of patina inks to play with too. The resist I've been using is Sharpie pens and StazOn Inks, I've just purchased a paint pen too, as I've heard they make for a good resist as well.

A while back when I first wanted to try out etching, I purchased a pack of the PNP Blue sheets for the resist. I might give one of those a go and see how they do sometime soon.

The weather here has been pretty awesome, definitely Winter is on her way out and early might I add - I don't mind a bit of cold - as much as I enjoy spring like weather, when it comes early I worry that the Summer heat will too and I'm not looking forward to that :(

Well I have only a couple of hours left before picking up the eldest child, so I'd best cram all I can into it!

Bye for now
Em ♥


Cinnamon Jewellery said...

These are really lovely! I'm not surprised the first pair sold so quickly!
I like the effect the patina inks give too.

littlecherryhill said...

Thanks Tracy :) I love the patinas myself too, adds a bit of fun!

gallerydarrow said...

They look great Emma, I'm not surprised the first pair flew away so quickly. The patina is so pretty it looks like a Tiffany lamp!

Happy spring!

littlecherryhill said...

I never looked at the patinaed ones in that way, but yes they do look like that! :)