Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nothing doing.

I'm in a funk.
Creatively speaking.
Below are pictures of my bench:

Beading. I have been playing with my beads and knotting. The first picture is a mockup of a knotted necklace with an old skull pendant. I thought it looked quite nice, (Faceted red jade and rose quartz) but when I showed my other half, he said the beads look like plastic. Well basically now I can't get that thought out of my mind when I look at it, or any of my other beads for that matter.

Since having Poppy, my work at the bench has dwindled down to almost nothing. My head is choc full of ideas (as always) and desire to work on something, but my body just won't follow through. I go out to the bench, look at a few stones and half made things and don't feel motivated enough to stay. So I leave and then don't seem to get back for days - to 'look' at stuff lol. Obviously I don't have the time I used to before Poppy arrived, plus I'm so behind on sleep right now.

I did get some ferric chloride yesterday in the post, but I am waiting on buying a second hand bottle warmer so I can warm the chloride, so I won't try any etching until then.

My Father in law has found a nice jewellers hydraulic press locally at a tool shop I've never heard of - it's also a nice price too $1000.00. Not sure that I am ready to part with that amount of money just now, not on something I am not sure will be used enough to justify that price tag.That being said, I do have a disc cutter that cuts up to 2" discs that I can't use without a press ..... so I will have to work something out one day.

I caught this photo of Poppy 2 days ago:

Is it any wonder I don't get anything done lol?? ♥♥♥♥

Em ♥


K S Jewellery Designs said...

Oh, I do feel for you but I think you are being much too hard on yourself.

Jeweller to jeweller... I have to say that a slight drift in your creativity is normal when your head (and life) is full of other commitments. When I was primary teaching for 6 months last September to this February (my 'real' job!), I went nowhere near my jewellery as my brain had no space for my creativity to flow.

Mother to mother... look at what you have 'created'! Your daughter is so lovely and, I know that many people have probably already said this to you or will do in the future, but you will never get these precious moments back, so enjoy them while you can. Don't feel guilty that other things are getting put aside. You can always come back to them, your workbench isn't going anywhere but your daughter is changing all the time.

Sending you all the best from England.
Kristin :)

littlecherryhill said...

Thank you so much for taking time out to boost me Kristin ♥ with those kind words.

I am trying to take as much time to enjoy Poppy at this stage, which is why I don't get much time to make things, but I know if I don't I would regret it later. As you wrote, my bench isn't going anywhere, but my daughter in a sense is .... I love my girls so much, just sometimes making things keeps me sane and feeling like 'me' if you know what I mean?!