Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lunch time :)

and I am making myself a lovely Triple smoked ham toasted sandwich with cheese and onion, with a nice iced bottle of water on the side. Yum ♥

Well I haven't made anything since my last post. 
I did however buy up some gorgeous stones, this time though they weren't all colourful, they're more on the natural side. I bought some nice Moss Agate and some Plume Agate. I can't wait to get them...they looked pretty damned nice.

I had started to make a few little loveheart charms for Valentines, but haven't had the energy to go and finish them up. The weather has been so all over the place, I don't know if I'm coming or going!

My head is full of other nonsense at the moment..but I am hoping that when my new stones arrive, I will be inspired to make some new pieces. I want to get my hands on a couple of new tools, but stupid me went and bought some shoes in the sales and now those tools will have to wait.....why did those nice shiny new shoes have to look so good??!!!
We have been hiring a couple of cars out lately to test drive them for a day to see how they go on petrol and comfort etc....who knew choosing a new car would be so difficult. We both thought we had chosen what we were going to save for.....but for some reason we are back at square one. Sigh. 
lol well this was a boring post...nothing really interesting to write about.

hope you are all having a wonderful week thus far 
Em ♥


Susan - Era Art Jewelry said...

I can't imagine having too many of either. Shoes or tools, tools or shoes!?!

Weird. I'm craving a ham sandwich.


littlecherryhill said...

I've always had a shoe 'thing' Susan, so I'll always find it hard to pass up a new pair haha :)