Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tools, New Moo Cards, No Mojo...oh my!

Yes, I have some new tools, moo cards and Zero Smithing Mojo :(

If anything would normally kick my butt into creative gear it would have to new tools....but no....not this time.

Below are pictures of my new matching Moo cards and stickers.
I spent ages designing these and am very happy with how they turned out. And they are such good quality! So now the hubs has decided he wants me to make some cards for him from Moo. Oh and they also came like 2 weeks earlier than I was expecting them, so Woohoo!!

Below is my first print I have purchased from Etsy. I have been lusting after several artists pictures for a long time now and then decided I would get on with it finally and just buy one! And I love it! So does my hubby. I think he even approves me collecting more of them :)

This print is by janethillstudio

And this is a picture of some new stamping tools I purchased from 2moontools

I received them this morning and hope to use them on some new pieces.....eventually......if my mojo returns :(

lol I know that I will.
This is not the first time I have encountered the creative block, nor will it be my last.
What's strange is that my head is just absolutely choc full of stuff, but I can't seem to put it to actual physical work. Maybe my head is in overload?? I'm hoping to get a break sometime this weekend and maybe I'll be able to remove this block. I can only hope.

Yesterday I took my daughter with me to a big hardware store to look for some new tin snips etc and I came across a work bench for $'s not too big and it has peg board and a shelf underneath and an extra area to hang hammers etc. I'm hoping to take hubs to see this bench and talk him into buying it for me would be a spot I could bolt my Rolling Mill to as well. So it's kind of necessary. I can't wait to get the mill bolted down so I can try it out.

Alrighty I must go. Daughter is talking non stop and I can't type anymore as I can't hear myself think, think that is half the reason I struggle at the bench these days :(



Amy Nicole said...

Wow love your new moo purchases! And 2moons tools are the best! Soooo easy to work with compared to the cheap ones. Just go start stamping some patterns! Your mojo will come back, and the loud hammering drowns out the chatterbox! ;-)

littlecherryhill said...

I hope so Amy! But nothing will drown the girls voice she hasn't stopped alll day! I'm mentally exhausted now :(

SpiralStone said...

I hope your smithing mojo returns soon! I'm looking forward to seeing the wonderful textures you create with your rolling mill and stamps :).

Belinda Saville said...

Love your new goodies from moo! I really need to get my butt into gear and order more mini cards...I've only got about six left LOL

Those new tools look like so much fun...just sit down and have a play, I'm sure your mojo isn't far below the surface :-)

And tell hubs that you NEED that's a tax write-off anyway ;-) hehe


Echoes of Norway said...

Beautiful moo cards! I also have ordered tools from 2moons. They work fantastic! I find when the muse is not there sit at your bench, take out some stones and just play around like Belinda said.
Looking forward to see what you create with your new tools! :)
Have a happy and hopefully quiet weekend! :)


littlecherryhill said...

Thank you ladies :) I think my mojo is coming back slowly thanks to playing with some PMC.

Sabine, I find generally that playing with lovely coloured stones helps to pep up my creativity too, I've tried a little of it today :)