Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To Roll With The Mill.

(for some reason, everything I write is going to be underlined and I have nooo idea how to remove it)

Well it seems like everyone is getting a rolling mill lately! I've been talking about buying one for ages now. My Etsy sale went so much better than I expected it to and now that I have funds again, I am pondering the ever pondered question in my brain...to buy or not to buy. I'm hesitant only because it's a largish sum of money to spend on one tool and not knowing what the future brings financially/hobbywise I am in 2 minds about it (as I am about pretty much everything in my life lol).

So I will think about it this week and hopefully make my mind up quick smart.

In the meantime, below are pictures of what I have made lately:

And below is a picture of a gorgeous tree stump my hubs surprised me with last week. I love it! It needs a bit of work to flatten and smooth down the top to make it completely steady, I am starting to think I might like it for photography lol and not for hammering on. I hope to have a proper blacksmiths anvil one day :) I've found the perfect one....and it would look so pretty on the stump :P

The weather is all over the place lately. It's been quite Spring like in the day time. And the night time hasn't been quite as cold, but it has been a bit more windy than normal. I am not looking forward to the Summer. Really not.

I have a lot of family in the U.K so I'm

sending out 'keep safe' vibes to those in the U.K who are affected by the riots.


Marcie Abney said...

I'm definitely weighing getting a rolling mill as well. It's one of those wants, wants, wants, but do I need, need, need?
May I say, I think your work is amazing with or without a rolling mill.

littlecherryhill said...

Thank You Marcie! It sure is a 'want' lol but it might also be a need too haha :)

Amy Nicole said...

Get one! I'm right behind you as soon as I get the money. Great new pieces, and I love your stump!

SpiralStone said...

Beautiful pieces! I love the maple leaf falling over the bezel!

Echoes of Norway said...

Such beautiful work!
Jealous of that tree stump! Mine looks rather scruffy compared to yours.