Monday, November 15, 2010


The warmer weather seems to be making it's way in now....I hate it as much as I did this time last year, though it's not as hot as then....yet.

Below are a few of my latest pieces.

The top 2 are mine and the bottom one is the first piece I have ever made with copper. It was nice to use something different. I will probably use it more, I do have a sheet of brass to try out too. The top ring I wear all the time, I love it.

I got myself a new toy!

Not 100% confident on using it yet....but I'll get it eventually. I still hope to get a rolling mill soonish...but there is always other stuff that I end up buying in the meantime and then have no money left :(

It's my 9th anniversary on Dec 1st. So I think I am going to hold my first ever Etsy sale to celebrate. Maybe I will sell a piece or 2...I hope so, I could really use the moolah to put back into buying more supplies.

I wish it would just hurry up and rain. This weather sucks.

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SpiralStone said...

I LOVE the "top ring" it's beautiful, I would have kept it too!