Wednesday, September 29, 2010

....No Title....

Right now, my daughter is running round and round making lots of noise and it's kinda sending me loopy. I just took her to the beach...but it was way too windy, so that venture didn't last long :(

Not a whole lot going on (as usual). I got some new small stones for once

I also got 'bout 17 more Turquoise Cabs this week, but I didn't get a piccie of them. Below is a piece I am working on and some earrings for myself:

I finally got myself an Apron to protect myself/clothing whilst I solder etc. Unfortunately, the weather is getting warmer....or rather, the humidity is back on the rise. Which in turn (same as last year) effects my desire to go to the bench and turn on my torch. So add to that now, wearing a heavyish apron.......yeah I can see I won't be getting much done. Though today is a veeerry cool breezy day, so maybe I should take advantage of that.
That being easier said than done of course, when you have a 2yr old on your tail to entertain.

*insert big sigh here*

Anywho, even with all the lovely new stones I've accumulated, my creating mojo has taken a back seat again. I'm kinda frustrated with lots of stuff right now, so I guess that's not helping.

I will leave it here, before I start whinging.


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

I get in those moods too when NOTHING creative is happening. I hate it...but it will go away. :) Now you got me thinking that maybe I should get an apron...I don't wear anything when I work and usually end up with a few holes in my shirt from the pickle splashing! LOL. Hope things get better for you!

gallerydarrow said...

Enjoy your two year old, it's so brief, that's your biggest craft for now and a very rewarding one, exhausting though I know, two is hard, three a delight!

How you manage to turn out any work is magic.

Best wishes, Rochelle

littlecherryhill said...

Cassandra - I wouldn't be surprised if most of us don't wear anything to protect our clothing lol! But I found one online at a decent price so I thought why not! My creating mojo is still kinda dead...and it's getting warmer round not good. But hopefully it'll pass :)

littlecherryhill said...

Rochelle - it sure is hard, but I know it'll pass and I look forward to that, in the meantime, I do what I can when I can. But my little girl always comes first!