Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Hate This Weather.

Well the heat is still here.
It's horrible. It's like walking around in a permanent sauna in our home and it's horrible outside. I don't know how my husband goes to work outside in this heat, but I'm glad he does :)

I haven't really done anything these last few days and I'm not just talking jewelry making either. It's too hot to do anything at all. Thank goodness for air conditioning though. We have one in our bedroom and one in our daughters room.....oh what I wouldn't give to have air con where my bench is. But that isn't to be.

I did drag my butt round Ikea this morning and I bought a desk lamp for the bench, so I can work out in the garage at night and see what I am doing without everyone else seeing me (gotta have the door up for the breeze).

So is a picture of something I have finished off last week.

*for some reason I cannot get the picture to post at the bottom of my seems to want to post at the top...*

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