Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Got My Mask On......

Not the kind you are probably thinking of.
I have a nice peel off face mask on.
It's Winter and I have to keep my skin fresh and I enjoy a good face mask :)
More so I enjoy peeling one off lol.

Tomorrow it's the 1st of July. I am having my first sale of the year.

I have no idea how well it will go.
But I'm hoping after the recent 'Etsy Finds' plug I will do okay.
It doesn't help that the Australian dollar is more than the US dollar. I haven't sold a piece in a while now and it's very crushing to my creativity.

The weather here is so strange today. It will get all gloomy and then rain for a few minutes and then the Sun will show and it looks all blue skies for miles and then back to the gloomy weather all over again. In fact it's been like that for a couple of days. We just bought Summer a new Trampoline, but she can't get a break in the weather to get outside to use it lately.

I got to the bench last week and made myself a new ring and made a pair of earrings for my Etsy store. I am halfway through a few other pieces, but I am finding it extremely hard to get there and stay there....for many reasons.
I think I need to learn new things and I need new tools to open that opportunity up to me, but that has to wait for the time being.

Well I'm off to read some blogs and make some lunch for the kiddie. I wish it would rain all day.....


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yes it's certainly Winter here now and I'm loving it!
There is nothing nicer than being able to be in the full sun at the park or outdoors somewhere nice, without breaking out in a sweat or getting super burnt and dehydrated. I love being able to take Summer to the Park or Beach and rug up in a nice warm Cardi or Jacket.

I can't seem to keep up with my blogging these days :( I don't have a lot more on in my day, but Summer is a very full on little girl and constantly demands attention. It's making it hard for me to get to the bench too, as I don't want to plonk her down in front of the t.v (not that it holds her attention much anyways).

We just had 3 tradesmen in our house for the morning, finally installing 2 air conditioners :) That is hopefully going to make Winter/Summer much more comfortable around here! Though our Electricity bills are getting bigger and bigger....which kinda makes me hesitant to use heaters etc. So I try to use them only when I'm desperate.

Below is a piccie of the little Deco cabinet I blogged about some while back. It's not actually Turquoise in colour, it's Teal. My camera won't pick it up :( But it's gorgeous and I love it to bits!

Below is a piccie of a new mirror I got a hold of last week. I LOVE IT! I have been searching for something very ornate to go in our dining area and when this came up on Ebay, I knew I was going to make it mine. I almost didn't get it into my car....but I would have found a way to get it home no matter what. I am now searching for an antique sideboard to put it on to finish the area off nicely. I'm watching one that needs a resto, hopefully it will go for a decent price, as I'm noticing more and more antiques being snapped up here.

And below again are pictures of jewellery that I made a couple of weeks back. Some shoulder dusters (name??) and a pendant.

Whilst the tradesmen were here, I took advantage of getting to the bench whilst Summer followed them around and chatted with them. So I have a few pieces I am currently half way through. Oh and I have purchased some gorgeous pieces of Turquoise and I cannot wait! to get a hold of them! Yum!!

That's about it for now. My floors are a mess from the guys coming in and out of my house and my hubby is on his way home and it's lunch time. I had a pendant featured in the Etsy Finds Email too :) Thanks Amy for letting me know :)

Have a wonderful day all!